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About Information can be negative

This canvas was started in February 2013. I started with soft pastel on canvas, creating a compositional structure with lines, creating elongated shapes. Some triangle-like shapes were shaded with bright colours to create an energetic image. In March 2013 the canvas was reconsidered and changed dramatically in favour of a more monochromatic palette. However, the touches of colour were naturally preserved, primarily because the modeling paste mixed with the soft pastels underneath.

I created a lot of drawings using line and colour, so I wanted this canvas to be different. I craved a radical change and it required a radical action. Thus I covered the line drawing completely with modeling paste. I added textured gel that imitates sand to some sections of the painting.

In order to explain the title of the painting I prefer including a long quote by J. Oppenheim:

What could negative information possibly mean? In short, after I send you negative information, you will know less. Such strange situations can occur because what it means to know something is very different in the quantum world. In the quantum world, we can know too much, and it is in these situations where one finds negative information. Negative information turns out to be precisely the right amount to cancel the fact that we know too much .

This painting played a crucial role in a two-year project that was solely dedicated to the research into the visualization of quantum physics. An intense collaboration between the artist and a quantum physicist DrĀ Simon D. Burton resulted in a number of two- and three- dimensional works of art that approached the dilemma of representing theoretical quantum mechanics from all angles imagined. The artist is firmly convinced that there is a deep connection between abstraction and quantum theories.

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