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About July 2015

Winter in Australia is summer in Russia. Summer associated with adventures, novelty and unexpected turns. We tend to be more open to experimentation, and the flow of events is uninterrupted by weather conditions. Living in a country where summer and winter swapped places did not stop me from perceiving July as a summer month. It is a summer month for me, because most of my life July was filled with joyful moments, long days and short nights. Perception is everything and habits rule who we are and who we want to become. The river of life, taking us from a place to place, doesn’t automatically change who we are. In order to change, we must develop habits that become part of our body and soul. If I want to perceive July as summer, I need to change my consciousness. With things like adapting to new weather conditions, it is not so important to change a mindset, but adapting to a new social order requires a serious consideration. Yet the river of life keeps going and setting its own priorities.

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