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About Irony

Creativity is a combination of materials. Like in the painting Irony, oil pastels are combined with pencil and in the tension and balance of these two media, we can see lively movement that can take us to an unexpected place. Listening to one’s body and allowing it to move in different directions, exploring the world and ourselves can lead to incredible results in achieving creative expression. Moving to a foreign country is exciting and very challenging at the same time, but if my body asks for it, I let it go to places! Creative process is full of contradictions, confusions and struggles; the key is to embrace it all and be at peace with it. Giving space to all sorts of emotions, letting them go wild or on the contrary, letting them be numb, can give us an understanding of who we are.


  1. Irina
    February 13, 2017

    Очень нравятся картины этой серии. Графичные, и в то же время очень мягкие линии. Яркие краски. Интересное сочетание красок. Навевают необычные образы в моем воображении. Love it so much!

  2. arina
    February 13, 2017

    Ирина, спасибо большое за коментарии. Какая картины Вам больше всего понравилась? И интересно, какие образы они Вам навивают. Поделитесь, если есть желание.

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