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Confluence Exhibition at Kaleidoscope Gallery 2014

Posted on Dec 28, 2014 in Exhibitions
Confluence Exhibition at Kaleidoscope Gallery 2014

International students exhibition Confluence took place in a Chippendale gallery Kaleidoscope in November 2014. All students that took part in it were from UNSW Art and Design. Some of them were Master students, some Bachelor students. It was curated by Misha Turovkii. The show had a great mix of styles and a nice atmosphere during the opening night.

I had two paintings called ‘Entanglement’ and ‘Spooky Effect’. Both inspired by the research into quantum physics.

Artist statement

I am an artist who works primarily with abstraction. I move my practice from one medium to another in order to maintain a high level of excitement for my audience and myself. Currently I concentrate on the sculptural forms while exploring Fine Arts industry in relation to Quantum Physics research area. I am interested in drawing parallels between a process of artistic creation and a process of scientific research.

Artist biography

My background is Russian and I received initial education in a culture that is deeply focused on aesthetics values and that prioritizes beauty over concept. My purpose of coming to Australia was to break through such a pattern and to discover new ideas of a contemporary art world. The shift in my style over four years that I lived in Australia is a strong indication of my commitment to conceptual art; and it is something I am very proud of.

Description of the images

Spooky effect, 29x42cm, oil pastels and pencil on paper
Entanglement, 29x42cm, oil pastels and pencil on paper

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